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Mike Seeley

V.P. of Tax at LifeVantage Corporation

“I am currently the vice-president of tax for a multi-national corporation which is publiclytraded on the NASDAQ. I have previously served as Director of Tax for another multi-national, public company traded on the NASDAQ, as well as the vice-president of tax for a nearly billion dollar LLC and s-corporation with multi-national operations. Elliot has provided excellent, value-added legal and tax representation to the organizations for which I have worked for a number of years. His work and advice are effective in minimizing legal and tax risk. His character is impeccable, and he is one of the few professionals I have learned that I can trust completely. Elliot is professional and courteous. His services are both effective and efficient, and the outcome of his work has always either met or exceeded expectations.

Elliot has provided transactional services, compliance services and assistance, legal representation, risk-management advice, and various other tax and legal services to my employers. I recommend Elliot’s legal and tax counsel to both start-up organizations needing to establish their legal and tax structures, as well as to mature organizations needing to establish and maintain effective policies and procedures and tax risk management solutions. Elliot is the best partnership expert with which it has been my privilege to work. His experience and expertise is extremely valuable to partnerships, LLCs, and pass-through organizations. I cannot over stress the importance of designing and implementing these types of organizations correctly, and Elliot’s involvement is effective in avoiding the missteps that typically afflict organizations years after the mistakes generally occur.”

Mana Shisler

“Elliot helped us with a living trust and was very responsive to our needs. He spoke to my family member as if it was his own and in very understandable terms. I would strongly recommend Elliot and greatly appreciate all of his efforts. He went out of his way for us and gave 110% to make the outcome of a sticky situation into wonderful experience. Thank you Elliot.”

Rod Zwahlen

Owner of White Plum Boutique

“Elliot is the rare person who genuinely cares deeply about both his craft and his clients. On several occasions he has devised creative solutions to business and tax situations that have helped my businesses grow. He has a unique ability to see things from different perspectives, which allows him to consistently outperform expectations. I can’t recommend Elliot highly enough!”

Thomas Lemon

Tax Director at Jeunesse Global

“I have worked with Elliot on a number of projects over the past three years and have been extremely impressed with his technical and analytical skills. Elliot has a solid foundation in business law, tax planning/strategy, and estate planning. I have found the quality of his work to be equal to or greater than any other tax consultant I have worked with. Elliot is thorough in his research and meticulous in his details. I have the utmost confidence in his work and will continue to go to him first when I am in need of tax or business restructuring consulting.”

Steve Monson

“We have had a great experience with Elliot! My wife and I recently completed our estate planning with him and I was impressed at his knowledge of the important things we needed to consider. He was completely committed to developing a plan that was right for us. Most importantly for me, Elliot is a person I trust. I strongly recommend him!”

Elliot Smith is a licensed attorney and certified public accountant that can take care of your business needs. Whether you’re opening a new business, incorporating, or looking for tax services, Elliot Smith has the resources to serve you.