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Business Operations

Proper ongoing legal counsel is very important for an operating business. Contracts with customers, agreements with vendors, expectations of employees, and protection of intellectual property, for example, are all important considerations for a business and need to be regularly addressed.

Businesses have many other needs as well which do not end once a business is established. A young business, for example, might need business planning legal counsel, with advice concerning which type of business to establish, how the business should be managed, how income should be allocated, and how important decisions will be made. Some key business planning documents that are established at this stage are corporate bylaws, limited liability company operating agreements, partnership agreements, and buy-sell agreements. As the business grows and evolves, it will continue to need business planning counsel.

As a company grows, legal compliance with tax laws and employment laws becomes increasingly important. A business might also face insurance claims, business disputes, or the need for litigation. An attorney can help prepare contracts to formalize agreements between a business and its clients, other businesses, or the owners themselves. Or a business might hire an attorney to settle an internal dispute between owners.

As a business owner himself, Elliot understands business owners and works to provide the guidance necessary to build a foundation for a company’s growth and stability. His experiences as an attorney, certified public accountant, and an entrepreneur have provided him with a view that is rare among professional service providers. Elliot provides guidance to a wide array of companies. His client list includes small start-ups in the initial stages working hard to obtain funding as well as large corporations publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Elliot is aware of the pitfalls that exist when buying and selling businesses and has the knowledge to walk you through the process. Elliot has worked on extremely complex transactions and has the experience necessary to keep you out of trouble while working towards your goals.