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Understanding tax is very important to operating a successful business. Tax permeates through almost all aspects of a business’s life cycle and is often the largest cost to a company and its ownership. Having worked with the international accounting firm KPMG, Elliot has an extensive tax background which he uses to identify and solve highly complex tax issues. In fact, Elliot regularly provides tax consultation for other attorneys and CPAs and has written multiple tax articles which have been published in both tax accounting and legal periodicals.

All too often attorneys have had little to no tax return preparation experience and they cannot see how the drafting of documents will ultimately affect the final tax return. Elliot worked on and managed the tax return preparation of some of the largest and most complex companies in Utah. He knows how his tax planning fits into the bigger picture and works hard to relay that information to his clients so they can make the best decisions possible.

Some of the most important business events that require a season tax attorney include the following:

Elliot Smith is a licensed attorney and certified public accountant that can take care of your business needs. Whether you’re opening a new business, incorporating, or looking for tax services, Elliot Smith has the resources to serve you.